Piña is a little print shop on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in a small fishing village called Ucluelet. Here we make and sell our original art, usually in the form of printed clothing. We also have another boutique in Tofino, about a 30min drive north of here.

It all began in 2007 when Angie Roussin (artist and owner) rented a small retail space on Peninsula Rd and moved from Vancouver to try her hand at designing and producing a product line and running a retail business. Well low and behold it was just what the doctor ordered! Ucluelet is a very relaxing town with plenty of outdoor inspiration, perfect for those creative juices–add that to the incredibly supportive locals and bustling tourism scene and you have a recipe for success! Or at least survival! Haha and isn’t surviving in business what it’s all about–as long as you’re doing what you love!

So we’re all having a great time over here. Doing our best to bring you the best in west coast style, plus make funny all around art.

If you’re on the coast, stop by and say hi!
Or email us any questions!  [email protected]